Webinar Recap: HIE Clinical Data is Essential to Meet Value-Based Care Goals

Data exchange is a marathon, not a sprint. As organizations work to meet value-based care goals and ready themselves for better population health management, data exchange – and especially clinical data – becomes ever more critical. While 91 percent of organizations are collecting data from their electronic health record (EHR), most data is not organized in a meaningful way.

In our recent webinar, Rebecca Little, SVP of business development and Innovation at Medicity opened the session by discussing many of the problems faced by health care organizations today and how a strong data foundation is key for integrating clinical information across an entire care community. Medicity is focused on solving these issues by combining and normalizing all of this data and transforming it into a strategic asset that health organizations can then use to make actionable decisions to meet value-based care goals.

A poll taking during webinar revealed that only 17 percent of the attendees classify their current interoperability solution level as “unified: fully bi-lateral, having real-time data exchange integrated into clinical workflows.”

Blair Kraft, Director of Information Technology at Coastal Connect Health Information Exchange (CCHIE) then demonstrated how they are able to leverage Medicity Explore to extract and normalize data from their HIE to allow for queries to be performed to better understand utilization, trends, readmission rates, etc.

CCHIE is then able to easily incorporate these data insights into their existing business intelligence tool to create analytic dashboards and reports to measure their populations, identify gaps in care, and meet value-based care goals. With this approach, they were also able to identify new opportunities for ongoing provider education and have reduced duplicative testing by 9 percent.

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