Streamline clinical data sharing

Even with sophisticated EHR platforms, health systems and provider organizations often resort to using paper records and faxing to place orders and receive results.

Medicity Exchange eliminates these inefficient manual steps by integrating seamlessly with existing technology to provide easy access to real-time patient data, streamlined order placement and results delivery, and expanded distribution of clinical data across the care community.

Patients, not transactions:

  • Complete patient data for the most appropriate care: A patient was admitted to the hospital with incomplete clinical data. Medicity Exchange enabled the admitting physician to easily access all prior records—ED notes, labs, x-rays—allowing the physician to determine the most appropriate plan of care.
  • In-patient admission avoided: A patient with a dog bite infection visited her military base hospital for a follow-up. Her elevated WBC warranted an admission; however, using Medicity Exchange, doctors accessed records from her prior encounter, which showed that her WBC was improving, so no admission was needed.

Access to real-time patient data

  • Enable quick and easy access to Continuity of Care documents (CCDs); discharge summaries; and pathology, radiology and lab results or reports
  • Ensure complete, real-time patient data necessary to optimize care coordination, avoid duplicate testing and treatment delays, and develop appropriate care plans
  • Standardize and transmit patient data directly to into existing EHR systems via printer or email—no manual data entry required
  • Increase revenue opportunities by retaining lab services and enhancing physician affinity programs

Streamlined order placement and results delivery

  • Easily place and manage electronic orders for hospital services, including labs, radiology and rehabilitation within normal workflows
  • Receive electronic results and reports for all orders directly into the patient’s EHR, automatically closing the loop between orders and results
  • Seamless integration within a wide range of existing workflows and EHR technologies

Demonstrating Success:

  • Senior care providers streamline care transitions: Forty-five sites across a senior care community—including referring providers and senior care facilities—securely connected through Medicity Exchange, enabling improved workflows, speedier care delivery and smoother care transitions.
  • Lab revenue enhanced: A large IDN with 22 hospitals was losing lab revenue to national lab providers. With Medicity Exchange, the IDN was able to integrate labs into the workflow by sending orders and receiving results directly in the EMR. The IDN now retains over $10 million in annual lab revenue.

Expanded distribution of clinical data across the care community

Integrated Clinical Dispatcher module enables easy distribution of clinical data to other stakeholders, including multiple payers and public health agencies:

  • Better manage high-risk patients and enhance population health management with access to real-time data across payers, ACOs and other entities
  • Automatically deliver immunization records and lab reports to state registries to improve public health programs and syndromic surveillance
  • Support quality improvement by efficiently sharing standard quality measures with multiple payers based on custom rules

Demonstrating Success:

  • Improved public health efficiency: One HIE uses Medicity Exchange to enable its 989 clients to deliver immunization information directly to the state’s public health agency registry. The need for manual entry is eliminated, saving clients’ time and money, and the agency improves its public health mission.
  • Real-time clinical data for payers: Medicity Exchange enabled an HIE to securely route HL7 clinical data directly to multiple payers and ACOs, supporting better overall care coordination and population health management.
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