Medicity Connect

Medicity® Connect™ provides a fast and secure way to engage providers by enabling communication across entire care communities. By eliminating gaps in communication and eliminating manual processes during care transitions, Connect is able to improve care coordination, ensure quality outcomes, and reduce costs. Learn More

Medicity Notify

Medicity® Notify™ allows providers and care managers to subscribe to real-time notifications whenever their patients are involved in a care event, such as a hospital discharge or readmission. These customizable updates cut through the noise enabling proactive responses that support improved outcomes, higher reimbursements, and lower cost Learn More

Medicity Exchange

Medicity® Exchange™ integrates with existing technologies to provide easy access to real-time patient data, streamlined order placement and results delivery, and expanded distribution of clinical data across the care community. Exchange allows providers to easily place and manage orders for hospital services, including labs, radiology, and rehabilitation within normal workflows. Learn More

Medicity Organize

Medicity® Organize™ provides fast, simple access to longitudinal patient information from across the entire community for improved quality and coordination of care. Organize aggregates, normalizes and deduplicates data from multiple systems, records and continuity of care documents (CCDs) and creates a single, comprehensive patient CCD. By removing the complexity of CDD exchange and transforming it into a single one-click, on-demand transaction, the process of getting clinical data into your current environment becomes seamless. Learn More

Medicity Explore

Medicity® Explore™ provides a set of analytical solutions that bring order to both clinical and claims data, so you can quickly and easily access information and use it as a strategic asset to improve cost, quality and patient health. Identify opportunities to make improvements by transforming raw clinical data into actionable information and insights that easily export to business intelligence tools. Learn More
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