Ready to Select a HISP Service?

Published on
Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Here are five questions you can, and should, pose in selecting a HISP.

  1. Does it support XDR, XDM and X* protocols? Not all HISPs support all three but all three are relevant to different EHR vendors. To ensure you can support messages sent directly from your EHR, choose a provider that supports all three protocols.
  2. Does it have experience connecting HISPs to HISPs? For completely bidirectional messaging, your HISP partner should be skilled in connecting HISPs to other HISPs.
  3. Does it have experience working with various EHR vendors? HISP services are not provided by many EHR vendors. Thus, HISP vendors must work with the architecture of a given EHR system to enable sending Direct messages with attachment directly from an EHR platform.
  4. Does it provide universal addresses, certificate management, trust management and information transport?
  5. Does it provide support and a solid training program upfront? Online training is best for the multiple constituents learning to use Direct messaging. The HISP should provide clinic outreach services to support adoption as well as customer support services.

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