Medicity appreciates the challenges clients face as they prepare for the transition to value-based care. We recognize that one of those challenges lies in the ability to maximize technology investments. But in today’s evolving health care environment, that can be difficult for even the most successful organizations. It can also be time- and resource-intensive, not to mention financially draining. Why not take advantage of someone who’s already been there, done that?

With more than 20 years of industry experience in health care technology, clinical operations, analytics and care management, Medicity Professional Services has the knowledge and insight you need to reach your business goals. We’ve been around long enough to know what works best for different kinds of organizations, each with their own unique goals.

Our Professional Services include Advisory Services, Outreach & Education Services, and Technical Services. We recognize that one approach doesn’t fit all, so we’ve designed our services to be flexible. We use a tailored approach to ensure that maximum value and quality outcomes are achieved. Our proven methodology relies on well-defined deliverables, responsibilities and clear lines of communication with a focus on increasing the value and continual optimization of your technology assets.

Advisory Services:

Our Advisory Services Team can help you with building the foundational elements of where you are to where you want to be. Using our collective expertise in Health IT and Clinical Realms we help you maximize and leverage your technology investment in meeting your organizational or network objectives.

Our service offerings include:

  • Business Planning
  • Data Quality Services
  • Comprehensive Workflow Analysis
  • Adoption and Integration Strategies
  • Clinical Program Design & Development
    • Opioid Management
    • Readmission Reduction
    • Population Health & Care Management

Outreach & Education Services:

Improving performance and outcomes are two of the main reasons organizations choose to invest in new technology. However, the technology itself is only part of the solution. To maximize the benefits of that investment, you must ensure adequate education and training services are available to manage and use the technology. Medicity’s Outreach & Education Services are designed to help clients promote the adoption and successful use of their technology solutions.

Medicity Outreach & Education Service includes:

  • Onsite and Remote Staffing Services
  • Training Support Services
  • Provider Engagement Strategies
  • Value-Based Education Services

Technical Services:

Medicity acknowledges that speed to market is essential to obtain desired outcomes for many organizations. Medicity technical teams offer implementation services tailored to meet your organization’s strategy and business objectives. Our program design allows for flexibility and enables a client to configure the services in a way that best fits their integration requirements. Furthermore, it provides a client with complete access to their own dedicated team of professionals.

Service offerings provided include:

  • Integration Services
  • Deployment Services
  • Project Management
  • Program Design & Sharing of Best Practices

Our Commitment to You

The foundation of our commitment is helping our clients remain competitive, compliant and profitable. Medicity Professional Services are designed with you at the center. Understanding the current industry challenges moving towards value-based care models, we can help you with technology and operations alignment, to guarantee you are well positioned for success now and your journey in the future.

By The Numbers

Medicity is proud of its accomplishments with over 15 years experience building clinical information networks:

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