The health care system of the future depends on the ability to securely exchange and act on health information. How to retain the privacy and security of patient and community data in the context of electronic health records and data exchange is a challenge we all face as health information technology evolves.

Here at Medicity, no topic is more important to us than the privacy and security of health data. Our clients know that the clinical data gathered and exchanged using Medicity technology in built upon a solid foundation of well-established policy, procedures and patient privacy regulations, which align with applicable regulatory requirements, including HIPAA/HITECH and NIST SP 800-53.

Our Privacy & Security team is dedicated to providing the highest levels of protection around sensitive data. These safe measures include proactive scanning and penetration testing and an established defense in depth strategy, which utilizes industry-recognized security technologies and best practices. Our secure development lifecycle ensures our applications deliver regulatory compliant solutions.

Medicity’s commitment to privacy and security goes well beyond adherence to industry standards; we’ve been actively involved in national, state and regional workgroups to help establish them:

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