The next generation of interoperability is here.

The healthcare industry has seen a significant shift in how it creates, shares and uses information. In the not so distant past, providers seeking to improve and coordinate care faced a lack of data. Today, providers struggle with a different challenge altogether. They must sift through high volumes of disparate data in different formats. Information in many ways has become an administrative burden rather than a clinical benefit.

For the past 20 years, data aggregation has been our core focus at Medicity. That’s how we understand where the greatest needs exist and how to advance the next generation of data sharing: Interoperability 2.0.

The key is to empower the complete exchange of clinical data – and the ability to use it – without special effort or extra steps. As the industry unites in the pursuit of integrated, actionable data, Medicity is uniquely qualified to lead the next generation of interoperability.

Attain meaningful, usable clinical intelligence

We collect patient data from any and all connected external sources. With just one click, providers can access a single, de-duplicated, comprehensive Continuity of Care Document (CCD). This clinical intelligence supports point-of-care decision making and gives providers more time to spend treating patients, rather than sifting through mountains of data.

Revolutionize provider workflows

We aggregate data, normalize it, and transform it into a usable document that streamlines health care workflows. Without investing any extra effort, busy providers can now have a single view of all clinical information available for a patient. They can even customize this clinical document to view most relevant patient information first.

Support a community of care

With the ability to store and analyze large amounts of aggregated data over time, we transform data into a strategic asset that supports population health and care quality initiatives. This “analytic interoperability” unites providers and creates a larger data asset for the community of care.

By The Numbers

Medicity is proud of its accomplishments with over 15 years experience building clinical information networks:

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