How much are readmissions impacting your bottom line?

Without timely follow up, patients are 10 times more likely to be readmitted after a hospital discharge. And while staying connected with patients is a priority for all primary care physicians (PCPs), few have visibility into events that happen outside their office walls.

Alerting caregivers when patients are admitted or discharged from a hospital or emergency room can significantly reduce the number of costly readmissions and prevent unnecessary admissions. Hospital admission and discharge alerts allow caregivers to manage length of stay. In fact, a recent study found readmission rates dropped by 18 percent when PCPs received clinical alerts.

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About Medicity Notify

Medicity Notify is an electronic notifications solution which enables timely provider engagement, leading to decreased ED utilization, better care coordination, improved outcomes, and increased patient satisfaction. ACOs benefit by gaining access to data that supports their population health efforts, making it easier to follow specific cohorts of patients and coordinate treatment plans among care teams. Notify also streamlines workflow and drives new efficiencies, and helps organizations qualify for incentives based on meeting the requirements for the delivery of CPT Transitional Care Management services. With quick implementation times and no additional investment in health IT systems, results may be seen almost immediately. Notify can be initiated as a stand-alone solution.

*Average cost (reimbursement) per (non-OB, adult) admission ($) for Medicare is $10,000. Best practices for reducing preventable readmissions typically include alignment with a broader organizational strategy. A more in-depth calculator can be found on the AHRQ website, which will take approximately 2-4 hours to complete. The AHRQ calculator is designed to quantify patients to be served by each strategy, baseline readmission rate and projected readmission reduction. The static values listed in the above savings estimator and more detailed AHRQ calculator can be found at

**Estimated savings levels were calculated based on the level of provider deployment, the level of disease states within a population, and the level of deployment of other community services that impact patient follow-up care.

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