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If you ever played the telephone game as a kid, then you understand that even though we speak the same language it’s easy for words to get lost in translation. Just one garbled word can lead to a whole lot of misunderstanding. Of course, everyone laughs in the game when they hear the original statement versus the often hilariously different phrase at the end.

The same thing can happen with your data. However, when it’s healthcare data, there’s nothing funny about it. When patient data is missing, garbled or misunderstood clinical decision making and the patient’s health can suffer. When data is shared from a variety of sources and locations, it results in the following issues:

·   Multiple documents in various data formats from many different sources

·   Formats in differing terminologies or vocabularies

·   Unsupported modern interoperability standards (XCA/XCPD) across the different sources

Providers don’t have time to search through multiple documents from various sources to find the data they need to support critical decisions at the point of care. As a result, they are faced with making decisions based on an incomplete picture of the patient’s treatment history which can lead to less effective care, duplicative tests and unnecessary costs.

At this year’s HIMSS conference, we’re unveiling a solution— Community Interchange. Using interrelated technologies, it bridges the gap between differing protocols and the many variations in EHRs. Powered by our proprietary engine, this solution gathers data from all sources and combines it into a single vocabulary by CCD section, regardless of the source. The data is then analyzed, normalized, de-duplicated and grouped by encounter. The solution is also able to retrieve data in systems that can’t support XCA/XCPD with our proprietary connection capability. Community Interchange then delivers a single MU2 compliant CCD containing all the data from all the sources for quick access to a complete patient record. As a result, providers gain greater clarity and can make more informed care decisions that improve patient outcomes.

To get a closer look at Community Interchange and find out how it can bring clarity and completeness to your data, stop by our booth #5961 at this year’s HIMSS. It’s a solution that can truly break down the barriers when it comes to trapped data and improve the flow of vital healthcare information.  If you can’t make it to Orlando this year, feel free to contact us directly to scheduling a meeting with our data experts.

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