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Medicity Connect

Eliminate data barriers with a stronger foundation

Direct, secure provider connections to coordinate care and meet quality goals

Success in the value-based era of MACRA, MIPS and Quality Measures means providers must connect and communicate directly, securely—and instantly—to coordinate care and ensure quality outcomes.

Medicity Connect is a simple, powerful solution that makes provider-to-provider communication across care communities as quick and easy as sending an email—with the confidence of knowing that protected health information stays protected.

Grow your network and make each provider a trusted connection

  • Certified by DirectTrust and the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission
  • Serves over 48,000 direct provider addresses and 1.1 million messages sent per month—and growing
  • Ensures secure, reliable message delivery through protocol bridging, even when providers use different EHR systems
Demonstrating Success

 Profiles of clinically integrated care communities:

  • Access to prenatal summaries: A California health system sends summaries of all OB/GYN prenatal visits to Labor/Delivery teams for aggregation until the patient arrives at the acute care facility for delivery, improving patient and baby care.
  • Statewide referral network success: In Michigan, 1,050 practices across 48 counties and 146 cities created a clinically connected network to improve referral workflows and ensure efficient collaboration among practices.
  • Acute to ambulatory care transitions: By electronically scheduling patients’ follow-up appointments at the time of discharge, a North Carolina health system was able to enhance referral workflow efficiency and improve patient retention.
  • Creating a longitudinal community health record: In order to provide access to 40% of Hawaii’s providers, a physician network created a standardized enablement program to drive improvements in workflow alignment, patient access, network utilization and care coordination.


Demo: Connect

See how you can make improvements to workflows in communication and collaboration between care settings.

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Angela’s team was able to provide her the best possible care using Medicity Connect.


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Connect Product Information

Connect allows providers at different care settings to securely message with one another and manage the referral process.

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