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Medicity Care

What gets measured is improved and reimbursed

In the value-based era of MACRA, MIPS and Quality Measures, providers and health systems have two jobs. One is improving patient outcomes and the other is maximizing reimbursements and performance bonuses for achieving quality goals.

Medicity Care facilitates these efforts with our powerful data-driven tool that:

Delivers rich, complete patient data sets

  • Unlocks critical patient data buried in multiple system silos across the health care ecosystem
  • Aggregates data into a rich, complete patient view for enhanced clinical decision-making
  • Cleans, validates and normalizes data at the point-of-care—with seamless integration into existing workflows

Easily tracks and measures performance

  • Utilizes near real-time clinical data to identify gaps in data and trends without waiting for claims data
  • Helps providers, care teams and population health executives easily evaluate care and adjust workflows to improve efficiency
  • Improves resource allocation and supports existing quality improvement activities

Simplifies internal and external reporting

  • Provides at-a-glance reports, dashboards and scorecards at the individual patient or population health levels
  • Enables quality reporting to CMS and other payers to maximize reimbursement/ performance bonuses
  • Enhances the value of HIE data and strengthens HIE/provider partnerships

Combined with our Advisory Services, Medicity Care helps providers and health systems drive patient outcomes and maximize reimbursement—and get the job done.

Demonstrating Success

 Turning data into performance:

While physicians are focused on providing the highest quality care to their patients, they know they must demonstrate it to CMS and other payers to maximize reimbursements.

Medicity Care allowed a physician to turn data into a strategic asset, enabling him to: 

  • Make better clinical decisions based on greater confidence in the completeness of patient data
  • Easily track performance on Quality Measures to improve clinical workflow
  • Ensure timely, accurate quality reporting to CMS and other payers

With Medicity Care, this physician positioned his organization for value-based success, while helping his patients achieve optimal health and well-being.


Unlock the Power of your Data

See how Medicity has the power to end data overload and build strategic data assets.

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