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Tools to transform data into action

Medicity Solutions

The Medicity® Network℠ solutions are designed for our changing health care environment. Our technology goes beyond the traditional HIE, to help you proactively manage entire patient populations, turn data into intelligence, and transition to new payment models, including accountable care organizations.

Medicity Connect

Medicity® Connect™ is the fast and secure way to engage providers and communicate across care settings. Using the Direct Protocol, providers can exchange messages and coordinate care electronically. Connect also makes it easy for providers to keep referrals in-network and monitor patients for follow up. Learn More

Medicity Notify

Medicity® Notify™ allows providers and care managers to subscribe to real-time notifications whenever their patients are admitted to or discharged from a health care facility. These curated updates cut through the noise and enable primary care physicians to easily monitor the health status of their patients and provide timely follow-up. Learn More

Medicity Exchange

Medicity® Exchange™ supports the fast delivery of results, reports, and summaries so clinicians can securely view the data they need to make informed care decisions. Exchange enables physicians to easily place orders for hospital services, such as laboratory, radiology, and even rehabilitation services. Learn More

Medicity Organize

Medicity® Organize™ gives providers immediate access to all patient data based on episodes of care. With a connected care community, providers can search for patient history related to a specific problem or condition to avoid duplicate testing, enhance care quality, and eliminate risk factors before they become costly. Learn More

Medicity Care

Medicity® Care™ provides care managers with clinical insights such as health opportunities, noncompliance on quality measures, high-risk conditions, and program recommendations. Armed with this information, care managers can more effectively develop and implement coordinated health plans that result in improved outcomes. Learn More

Medicity Explore

Medicity® Explore™ brings together complex data into optimized, actionable data by utilizing robust analytical tools. It helps uncover key hidden insights for health care organizations seeking to identify opportunities to make clinical and operational improvements. Learn More