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What happens when you focus over 100 years of combined health care experience on the industry’s most difficult challenges? You get a group of passionate leaders who roll up their sleeves to be part of the solution. The Medicity Leadership Team guides a company dedicated to creating innovative solutions for hard problems.

Patrice R. Wolfe

Chief Executive Officer

“I have worked in the healthcare industry for 30 years now, and we’ve had a lot of ups and downs over those decades. I believe we are in a period of great progress right now, thanks in part to the increased availability of clinical information, and tools like Medicity’s that allow clinicians, patients and others to share information more efficiently and effectively. It’s exciting to think that we can help care managers get ADT data right away to know that a patient has been discharged so they can call them as soon as they get home."

As the CEO of Medicity and HDMS, Patrice Wolfe has more than twenty years of strategic & operational experience in the health care IT and services industry. Her experience includes improving organizations’ fiscal health and providing strategic direction for both greenfield and mature product portfolios. Prior to joining Medicity, Patrice was Senior Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Intelligence at McKesson Corporation. While there, she was accountable for the performance of several high-growth businesses within the company’s technology division. Her portfolio included cloud-based and installed solutions that support business intelligence, population health and risk management, and capacity management needs in the health care market. Patrice led more than 600 FTEs in multiple U.S. and international locations. Patrice has an MBA from Yale University, School of Management, and a B.S. in Biology and Certificate in Community Health from Tufts University. Patrice holds the position of Director-at-Large for the Yale School of Management Alumni Association and is on the National Women’s Leadership Council.

By the Numbers

24 years in healthcare

47 books read so far this year

2 kids who keep me young (yet give me gray hair)


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Carol Owen

Senior Vice President of Operations

“Our founder used to remind me of the most important result in a patient chart. He would say, 'Do you know what it is? Think about it. Is it a lab? The medication list? Nope. It is the piece of data that is missing. Our job is to reduce that gap.' ” 

Carol Owen came to Medicity in 1999 by way of the original founders, having worked with them while in a previous role. One thing led to another and she found herself moving across the country to help build Medicity from the beginning.

As the senior vice president of operations, Carol uses out of the box thinking to create innovative solutions. Before her current role, she was head of product management, which helps her bring a knack for innovation to operations. Carol is passionate about giving doctors and health care professionals access to the clinical data they need to provide great patient care and make timely informed decisions.

Prior to joining Medicity, Carol was a co-founder of Avio Corporation where she served as senior product manager and led the design of ambulatory clinical solutions for physician practices. Ms. Owen has served as a medical recruiter and manager of member enrollment for FHP, a staff model HMO. She has held many managerial positions, including manager of physician recruiting for Orlando Healthcare Group. She received her bachelor’s degree in patient education from the University of Utah.

Besides a good cup of coffee, Carol is motivated by the small stuff. The simple things like spending time with family, a team sticking together until the job is done, employees that constantly give, or a friend going out of his or her way to lend a helping hand. She loves her work, the clients we serve and the employees who make it all happen.

By the Numbers

15 years Carol has been with Medicity

1,918 Miles Carol moved to join Medicity

95 Milligrams of caffeine in coffee, Carol’s indispensable drink of choice


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Rebecca Little

Senior Vice President of Business Development and Innovation

“In a market full of siloed data, it’s apparent that the ability to bring together clinical and financial data in an efficient and meaningful view is a critical need. It’s about preventing patient errors, improving physician and patient satisfaction, and reducing the overutilization of resources. I believe the depth of Medicity solutions, and the people behind them, enables our clients to achieve the Triple Aim of the best care, for their entire population, at the lowest possible cost.”

As the senior vice president of business development and innovation, Rebecca is responsible for leading Medicity’s business development efforts with external partners, inside of Aetna, and across Heathagen Technologies. In addition to being responsible for strategic business alliances and partnerships, Rebecca is involved with advocacy of information collaboratives and interoperability standards through her roles in the eHealth Initiative Leadership Council and HIMSS membership.

Rebecca’s career in health care information technology is over 20 years in the making. Prior to her current role, she held a variety of leadership positions within Park City Solutions, which was acquired by Medicity in January 2006. Prior to joining Park City Solutions, Rebecca was employed by a leading health care IT consulting and outsourcing firm where her role was focused on data warehousing for the provider and payer market segments.

Rebecca is inspired by organizations that are focused and effective in difficult environments. Examples include Women’s Refugee Commission which provides support and protection to some of the most vulnerable women and children in the world; Legacy Community Health Center in Houston and Walker-Whitman Clinic in Washington, DC, which provide high-quality health care in a dignified environment for poor communities; and The National Endowment for the Arts, which continues to find ways to inspire and enable artists even in times of budget shortfalls. When not working, Rebecca is always in search of some new and interesting experience with her husband and family. She is an avid reader, self-proclaimed “foodie,” loves to travel, and has a passion for the arts.

By the Numbers

1 Testimony on the importance of health information exchange delivered to Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation, United States House of Representatives

5 Writers that inspire Rebecca – Tom Robbins, Don Delillo, William Faulkner, Ralph Ellison, and Maya Angelou

1 Favorite quote “Perfection is the enemy of the good” — Voltaire


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Jerry Dennany

Senior Vice President, Technology

“Some children want to be a doctor when they grow up. I’ve always wanted to be a technologist since I first laid hands on a computer at the age of six. There are few areas in technology as satisfying as health care IT. I’m not the care provider or the physician, but now I can put tools and key information in his or her hands at the speed of light. And now there’s so much information – we’re not just displaying a result – we’re providing context, analytics, filtered notifications, and more.” 

Jerry is the senior vice president of technology and is responsible for delivering complete and captivating software to market under the Medicity brand. Jerry brings almost two decades of health care IT product experience and a passion for creating innovative software products. As a hands-on technical leader, Jerry is familiar with both the technology and the business of health care.

Before joining Medicity, Jerry led development for CareEngine and MyActiveHealth as vice president of software development within Healthagen. Prior to Medicity and Healthagen, Jerry served as CTO of Razorinsights, the nation’s only fully cloud-based acute EHR. Jerry has also held key leadership and technology positions at Allscripts, Eclipsys and Roche Diagnostics.

As an avid reader, Jerry devours a new book every few days, and he enjoys applying new perspectives to old problems. When not buried in a technical tome, biographies are a particular favorite, and President Lincoln stands out head and shoulders above Jerry’s other heroes.

On the weekends you’ll usually find Jerry taking his daughter to play competitive volleyball or working with his son on the latest gadget of the week.

By the Numbers

Age Six Age when he started programming

Limitless The distance Jerry will go to build great software for Medicity clients

1 Favorite quote “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe” — Abraham Lincoln

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Cheryl Cruver

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

“My recent experience in care transitions helped fuel my interest in the “seams” in healthcare. I came to Medicity because of our ability to help liberate data across the continuum and make it “smarter” with analytics, empowering care teams to provide more efficient care and achieve better patient outcomes at a lower cost.” 

Cheryl Cruver is senior vice president of sales and marketing for Medicity, responsible for the growth of all Healthagen Technology solutions in the provider market. Prior to her current role, Cheryl served as vice president and general manager of population health for HDMS, which powers the Medicity Explore solution, providing population health analytics to some of the largest ACOs and clinically integrated networks in the country.

Cheryl is passionate about the use of data and technology to assist providers in a successful transition to value-based care. Before joining HDMS, she led sales and marketing as a member of the executive team at CareInSync, a leading evidence-based mobile multidisciplinary care team collaboration platform that was acquired by Hearst Health in 2014. Prior to CareInSync, Cheryl served as managing director of performance technologies for The Advisory Board Company, where she led the national launch of its real-time clinical analytics platform. Previously, she led sales in the west for MedVentive, driving strategic population health and risk management analytic partnerships with a number of Pioneer ACOs during the program’s inception by CMS. In addition, Cheryl’s 20-plus years in health care include experience in identifying and accessing management, revenue cycle, and clinical laboratory connectivity with sales and leadership roles at Microsoft, Sentillion, ProxyMed, Healtheon/WebMD, and SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories.

Cheryl earned a master’s degree in public administration/health services administration from the University of San Francisco, and a bachelor’s of science degree in medical technology from the State University of New York at Fredonia, where she completed a year-long clinical internship at Millard Fillmore Hospital in Buffalo, New York.

By the Numbers

5:30am The time her running group meets. To her, running with friends is the best therapy!

5 Years she has coached a youth girls basketball team

1 Favorite quote "You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take" — Wayne Gretzky


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Ryan Barry

Vice President of Client Excellence

“Early in my career I watched a patient enter the hospital with a small cart holding 2 milk crates that contained his medical records. I was disheartened that a patient had to work so hard to make sure his provider had access to his information. I knew there must be a better way and from that point forward I have dedicated my career to the development of clinically connected communities and tools that allow providers to receive the data they need when and where they need it, to improve patient care. At any given time, our solutions have a direct impact on one of the most key elements of our lives, which is our health. I approach our delivery to customers with this in mind: that your family's and my family’s health depends on it.” 

Ryan is the Vice President of Client Experience at Medicity and has held several positions with the company over the past 13 years. In his current role, Ryan is responsible for leading the delivery and support of Medicity solutions with the goal of achieving the highest customer satisfaction and project success. This includes embedding best practice processes, working with the delivery, adoption, product, support and engineering teams to craft and deliver new, intuitive and collaborative client experiences, managing key customer relationships, and planning efficient resource growth and allocation to ensure successful delivery for our clients and partners.

Ryan has more than 15 years of progressive experience in the health care industry delivering complex projects. He joined Medicity in December 2010, serving as director of the Project Management Office in which he led the delivery of the first statewide health information exchange in the country.

Prior to Medicity, Ryan held project and program management positions at Park City Solutions where he delivered operational and clinical portals to health care organizations. He also served as a technical team leader at Standard Technology in Falls Church, VA, providing third party collections and claims processing guidance and solutions to TRICARE Military Health Facilities worldwide.

Ryan holds a BS in health policy and administration from The Pennsylvania State University, a certificate in project management from George Mason University and is a Project Management Institute (PMI) credentialed Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified Scrum Master (CSM).

Ryan struggles with idle hands, and the enjoyment of a finished project drives him to spend his free time building furniture, spending way too much time on his lawn, or helping a neighbor with a project. Ryan loves getting outside with his family and enjoys his son’s sports practices, hiking Shenandoah National Forest or his latest obsession, road biking.

By the Numbers

Too many to count Number of woodworking and carpentry tools Ryan owns (according to his wife)

24x7 Dedication to client success

1 Favorite quote "Well done is better than well said" — Benjamin Franklin

100 miles Ryan’s goal for a single bike ride this year


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