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Leadership Team

Experienced. Fearless. Caffeinated.

What happens when you focus over 100 years of combined health care experience on the industry’s most difficult challenges? You get a group of passionate leaders who roll up their sleeves to be part of the solution. The Medicity Leadership Team guides a company dedicated to creating innovative solutions for hard problems.

Nancy J. Ham

Chief Executive Officer

“I’ve been trying to solve certain problems in health care for 20 years, but it wasn’t possible. The data didn’t exist, the technology wouldn’t interconnect, and we didn’t have physicians willing to collaborate in new ways. But we’ve changed that. It’s possible now. We can liquidate data, unify it for the patient, wrap it with privacy, and move it where it needs to go. Right information, right patient, right time.” 

As the CEO of Medicity, Nancy Ham brings more than 20 years of experience in health care finance, population health management, enterprise software, and transaction processing. She has led companies through all phases of corporate growth, most recently as president and CEO of MedVentive, a provider of performance analytics to accountable care organizations and payers.

Nancy draws inspiration from her father, great leaders, and women pioneers like Beryl Markham and Amelia Earhart. She is passionately mission-driven to tackle the hardest problems in health care, but at the same time, never takes herself too seriously. Fueled by Diet Coke, she enjoys promoting a fun and quirky culture, mentoring staff, and delighting the customer.

Prior to MedVentive, Nancy served as president of Sentillion, Inc., a leading innovator of identity and access management solutions and president of ProxyMed, Inc., the industry's second-largest medical claims clearinghouse. Nancy was also senior vice president of Business Development and CFO at ActaMed Corporation and spent five years in leveraged finance at GE Capital. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Duke University and a master’s in International Business Studies (MIBS) from the University of South Carolina.

When not working, Nancy can be found exploring new places through adventure travel with her husband, hiking and biking, or by losing herself in a good book. She hopes to spend her retirement supporting the education of girls and women in Africa and the Middle East. 

By the Numbers

0 Corporate molds Nancy wants Medicity to fit into

35 Countries visited across the world

102 Points Personal best for a single word score in Scrabble

5,147 Miles from Salt Lake City to Paris, France – a favorite travel destination


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Carol Owen

Senior Vice President of Operations

“Our founder used to remind me of the most important result in a patient chart. He would say, 'Do you know what it is? Think about it. Is it a lab? The medication list? Nope. It is the piece of data that is missing. Our job is to reduce that gap.' ” 

Carol Owen came to Medicity in 1999 by way of the original founders, having worked with them while in a previous role. One thing led to another and she found herself moving across the country to help build Medicity from the beginning.

As the senior vice president of operations, Carol uses out of the box thinking to create innovative solutions. Before her current role, she was head of product management, which helps her bring a knack for innovation to operations. Carol is passionate about giving doctors and health care professionals access to the clinical data they need to provide great patient care and make timely informed decisions.

Prior to joining Medicity, Carol was a co-founder of Avio Corporation where she served as senior product manager and led the design of ambulatory clinical solutions for physician practices. Ms. Owen has served as a medical recruiter and manager of member enrollment for FHP, a staff model HMO. She has held many managerial positions, including manager of physician recruiting for Orlando Healthcare Group. She received her bachelor’s degree in patient education from the University of Utah.

Besides a good cup of coffee, Carol is motivated by the small stuff. The simple things like spending time with family, a team sticking together until the job is done, employees that constantly give, or a friend going out of his or her way to lend a helping hand. She loves her work, the clients we serve and the employees who make it all happen.

By the Numbers

15 years Carol has been with Medicity

1,918 Miles Carol moved to join Medicity

95 Milligrams of caffeine in coffee, Carol’s indispensable drink of choice


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Rebecca Little

Senior Vice President of Corporate Development

“In a market full of siloed data, it’s apparent that the ability to bring together clinical and financial data in an efficient and meaningful view is a critical need. It’s about preventing patient errors, improving physician and patient satisfaction, and reducing the overutilization of resources. I believe the depth of Medicity solutions, and the people behind them, enables our clients to achieve the Triple Aim of the best care, for their entire population, at the lowest possible cost.”

As the senior vice president of corporate development, Rebecca is responsible for leading Medicity’s business development efforts in all market segments including national for-profit hospital organizations, national and local non-profit health systems, and regional and state markets. In addition to being responsible for strategic business alliances and partnerships, Rebecca is involved with advocacy of information collaboratives and interoperability standards through her roles in the eHealth Initiative Leadership Council, and HIMSS membership.

Rebecca’s career in health care information technology is over 20 years in the making. Prior to her current role, she held a variety of leadership positions within Park City Solutions, which was acquired by Medicity in January 2006. Prior to joining Park City Solutions, Rebecca was employed by a leading health care IT consulting and outsourcing firm where her role was focused on data warehousing for the provider and payer market segments.

Rebecca is inspired by organizations that are focused and effective in difficult environments, for example Women’s Refugee Commission which provides support and protection to some of the most vulnerable women and children in the world; Legacy Community Health Center in Houston and Walker-Whitman Clinic in Washington, DC, which provide high-quality health care in a dignified environment for poor communities; and The National Endowment for the Arts, which continues to find ways to inspire and enable artists even in times of budget shortfalls. When not working, Rebecca is always in search of some new and interesting experience with her husband and family. She is an avid reader, self-proclaimed “foodie,” loves to travel, and has a passion for the arts. 

By the Numbers

1 Testimony on the importance of health information exchange delivered to Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation, United States House of Representatives

5 Writers that inspire Rebecca – Tom Robbins, Don Delillo, William Faulkner, Ralph Ellison, and Maya Angelou

1 Favorite quote “Perfection is the enemy of the good.” -Voltaire


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Joe Alea

Senior Vice President of Product and Development

“Some time ago, a family member needed the support of a team of doctors. It took months to get them on the same page and we had to personally get involved for the information to flow. Back then and now, information exchange between practices continues to be a challenge. I came to Medicity because I have a personal passion to improve health care information exchange and make a difference in patient care.” 

Joe Alea has been building complex, enterprise, and mission-critical systems for over 30 years. As senior vice president of product and development for Medicity, Joe puts his experience to work by first understanding customer needs with a touch of empathy. He believes complex business problems deserve simple solutions to help adoption and utilization. Joe is known for delivering quality and timely products by creating effective teams, always innovating, and following a disciplined engineering process.

Before Medicity, Joe served as chief technical officer for Curaspan Health Group, an industry leader in patient-transition solutions for hospitals, post-acute care providers, and payers. He was vice president of development at Oracle Health Sciences, which acquired Phase Forward, whose development efforts Joe also led.

Previously, he also held senior executive positions at Princeton Softech, Davox, and McKesson, which had acquired Health Payment Review. There Joe led development of the industry’s first integrated rules-based disease-management system and delivered a new product line enabling providers to manage the total care of patients, from clinical triaging to utilization management.

Personally, Joe is passionate about family and friends, and his parents, wife, and children inspire him every day. When not at the office, he enjoys playing golf, being near the ocean, road biking, and photography. Joe also volunteers his time to support his church’s ministry and marriage preparation programs.

By the Numbers

9 Age Joe was when he arrived in America

99.9999%  Percent system availability Joe’s products have achieved

0 Obstacles have stopped Joe in his professional career


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William Mintz

Vice President of Operations Strategy

“I've been working inside health care since I was 16 years old, with a brief sabbatical as a 6th grade teacher, and have had the opportunity to do everything from folding and stuffing envelopes in a mail room to developing partnerships that use technology to solve some of health care’s largest challenges.” 

Will Mintz joined Medicity in 2013 as the vice president of operations strategy. He is known for having a practical assessment of key health care trends and opportunities, which enables him to help clients find the right business model for their challenges. He is focused on finding solutions to improve the health care experience of the nation’s most vulnerable populations. 

Before Medicity, Will served as the chief of staff for Accountable Care Solutions (ACS) at Aetna, a Healthagen business. Prior to joining ACS, Will held the role of deputy chief of staff to the Office of the Chairman, CEO, and President of Aetna, Inc. Will came to Aetna in 2009 from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts where he held several leadership positions in finance and health care services.

Will received his MBA from the Yale University School of Management. He also holds a master’s degree in health care administration and an undergraduate degree in political science from the University of South Florida.

Personally, Will draws inspiration from his family and friends. Professionally, his inspiration comes from the struggles and successes of history’s great leaders but mostly from people he works with and the communities our company serves. Will loves seeing potential opportunities turn into legitimate businesses that benefit the lives of many.

With his free time, Will loves relaxing with his wife and son. Apart from his family, he is most passionate about great food. He is also a proud supporter of Johnson's Learning Center in Gresham Park, Atlanta, a small school that he attended at an early age.

By the Numbers

5 NFL Titles won by Will’s favorite team, the San Francisco 49ers

2’ 2” Height of Master Yoda. "Do or do not, there is no try" is one of Will's favorite quotes

17 Hours, 55 Minutes The longest direct flight Will has taken

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